Jungle adventure

National park KhaoSok

A unique trip in one of the oldest jungles in South East Asia.
One of the nature heritage sites  in Thailand, excellent experiences in virgin nature. From the safety of your boats or kayaks, you can explore the heart of the jungle, watching Macaques, Gibbons, HornBills and other kinds of birds. In this area live wild pigs, bears, water buffalo and many different species of fish, snakes and reptiles. This area is one of the last areas in Thailandwhere the wild elephants are still living in their natural habitat.
The accommodation is in floating houses/bungalows where the water is a safe and natural barrier against the insects, snakes, lizards and other non welcome guests.
One of the best ways to spend a couple of days in the middle of the tropical rain forest. From the airport, train station or centre of Surattani or from DonSak or Koh Phangan we transport you in to the KhaoSok national Park

RADJAPRAPPADAM is a dam with a very high water level.
This lake/dam covers an area of 2348 hectares and is surrounded by lime stone cliffs which in some points are over 800 metres above the water level. Approximately 40 years ago a wall was built which put the water level up by 10-15 metres. Over the years the water has filled up many canyons and valleys and the whole lake has turned into a very nice maze of bays and steep rock walls which crown from the jungle and water in many different shades of green.

After a sightseeing tour by boat we provide accommodation in floating bungalows/houses.

Usually the houses are connected by floating, wooden walkways which will lead to the centrally located restaurant.
In the morning, just after you wake up, you can start your day by swimming in warm, crystal clear water.
The most popular program includes a walk/trek through the jungle and  caves which are in this area. Kayaking trips, observing the wildlife and nature, are available at anytime during your stay. The whole area is strict National Park, and the visit is only possible with a tour guide. 

The number of visitors is strictly regulated; approximately 400 guests allowed each night.

V.I.P.  offer: 3 days/2 nights

Day 1: 

07:00 transfer from Koh Phangan pier to DonSak.
app 9:30 start the journey to KhaoSok nature park app 180 km /on the way is one stop for refreshments.
app 12:30 boarding the boat at Radjaprappadam pier.
after app 2 hours of sightseeing tour we reach the floating bungalows.
After lunch is free program, swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, relax...
Before sunset we have wild sightseeing tour set up, where we try to catch a glimpse of  the wild animals!
from 18:30 dinner is served.

Day 2: 

before breakfast we have a morning wild sightseeing tour just as the sun rises.
09:00 breakfast
after it is possible to do the trek in  the jungle by boat and then trekking to the caves.
13:00 lunch
afternoon trip on kayaks to the nearest bays, in a group or separated.
evening wild sightseeing tour.
from 18:30 dinner

Day 3: 

morning wild sightseeing tour (engine boat or kayaks).
9:00 breakfast
till 11:00 personal free time, saying goodbye to the resort.
11:00 go back to the pier by long tail boat.
app 12:30 start the journey back to Surattani and Koh Phangan.
app 14:00 pasing Surattani - airport, train station, bus...
app 15:00 arriving to DonSak pier.
16:00 boat leaving to Koh Phangan
app 18:30 we will be back in Koh Phangan  (ThongSala).

Price per person starts at 8.900,- ThB

Price includes all transportation boat/van/sightseeing tour to the raft houses, accommodation, food, coffee, tea and water in the resort, kayak rental, tour guide and all the program and activities mentioned above.


Entrance fee to the park: 300,- ThB are not in the price.